Learn From Your Peers: Large Enterprise looks at 6 IT Alerting Vendors Including xMatters, PagerDuty and Selects Everbridge


Learn Why They Selected Everbridge and How They’re Now Able to Respond to Critical IT Events 4 Times Faster than Before!


Here are some of the questions they were asked (full interview in independent analyst report below):


Why did you look for an Enterprise IT Alerting solution?

“We needed to implement an enterprise communication plan and reduce the inefficiency of the manual processes we were following to send alerts, diagnose the incident, and engage the resolution teams.”

Why Everbridge IT Alerting?

“We evaluated about six other solutions, including  xMatters and PagerDuty. But Everbridge was the one that seemed to be the solution that could take us the furthest, the fastest—and the one that would be the most user friendly.

  • “The elegance of the single sign-on capabilities and remote on-call calendar management capabilities were key deciding factors in selecting Everbridge IT Alerting”
  • “Everbridge didn’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles [we saw] in some of the other tools, but it was best for us in addressing the core of what we do

What Are Some of the Benefits?

  • Before: “We determined that we were easily wasting at least 30 minutes with a person manually formatting notifications and waiting for people to respond”
  • After: “With Everbridge IT Alerting that time has been reduced to five minutes. In other words, we’re roughly four times faster than before.”


Read the full Interview in Analyst Report Here >> http://go.italerting.com/transforming-incident-management-telecom


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You resolve incidents.
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In the event of an IT issue, IT Alerting quickly connects the right on-call personnel with the right information using phone, email, SMS and mobile app alerts. Rules based automation, dynamic on-call scheduling and automatic escalation ensures that someone will respond and take ownership of the incident, regardless of time, day, location or device.

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