Why We Price IT Alerting The Way We Do

When it comes to selecting an IT service alerting solution, IT organizations are usually faced with different packages and features to choose from. At Everbridge, we use a different approach and offer an all-inclusive, enterprise-grade solution, at one affordable price – no tiered packages and no features to pick and choose from.

The goal of any IT service alerting tool is to get IT responders focused on fixing the issue as quickly as possible to reduce the overall time to resolution, and also to inform stakeholders and notify impacted customers. This focus on connecting responders to incidents as fast and as easy as possible is why Everbridge took a different approach than our competitors when it comes to pricing and packaging.

Here’s why we price IT Alerting the way we do:

1. It Should be Simple

Everbridge offers one packaged solution providing IT departments with all the capabilities they need to communicate during incident resolution. When IT teams are dealing with incidents, they need their tool to be simple and intuitive. Evaluating those tools should be just as simple. We don’t make you pick and choose between different packages and prices.

2. It Should Provide all the Capabilities You Need

When responding to application downtime or an IT outage, it is expected that IT teams have all the resources available to resolve the issue. IT communication technology should be no different. We don’t make clients evaluate bulleted lists of functionality and upcharge them if they need features they don’t have. Everbridge’s mission is to help keep people safe and businesses running, so we want to ensure companies have all of the technology needed for business operations optimization.

3. It Has to be There When You Need it

When time to resolve is critical, IT communication technology must be accessible and functional. Some vendors have different SLAs for their different priced packages. At Everbridge, we make sure that our solution is there for you when you need it – with 99.99% uptime, including planned and unplanned maintenance.

4. IT Service Alerting is All About ROI

Everbridge offers an enterprise-grade IT service alerting solution for the low cost of $24 per user per month. And because we understand that organizations may need also to notify large groups of impacted users using 1-way notification, information-only recipients pricing is also available. We are able to offer this due to the scale of our notification platform. Everbridge powers notification services for over 3,500 organizations and has sent more than 2.4 billion messages since 2012. Ultimately, when in place, IT Alerting will help reduce resolution time, decrease downtime and optimize application performance and will have a positive effect on your bottom line; It should show a quantifiable and positive return on investment, and not a huge dent in the budget.

Our pricing structure reflects our commitment to streamlining communication workflows so IT staff can focus on resolving incidents and not worry about if they’re paying too much or if they need to buy another feature. 

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In the event of an IT issue, IT Alerting quickly connects the right on-call personnel with the right information using phone, email, SMS and mobile app alerts. Rules based automation, dynamic on-call scheduling and automatic escalation ensures that someone will respond and take ownership of the incident, regardless of time, day, location or device.

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