What Customers Really Think About Everbridge IT Alerting

By Zisse Hanfling-Mueller. IT Central Station


Recently, IT Central Station has been gathering user reviews for Everbridge IT Alerting to help enterprise tech professionals who are looking to invest in an incident response management tool aka IT Alerting for their companies.

Through our triple-authentication process, we at IT Central Station offer a wide range of current and unbiased feedback about enterprise technology solutions. Coined as “The Yelp of Enterprise Technology” by the Wall Street Journal, we are always continuing to expand our community and increase our reviews that are written by our enterprise tech community.

In this post, we are featuring three themes that have contributed to many of Everbridge’s positive user experiences with this leading IT alerting and incident management tool. With these reviews, we hope to help enterprise tech professionals in their market research make more informed buying decisions.

Escalation and Efficiency

Everbridge’s efficiency is a prominent opinion that comes up frequently in their user reviews:

“We went from a manual email system to an organized responsive automated system. It was able to improve our efficiency and improve everyone’s responsiveness, because people were not responding to emails. It also improved our ability to capture everything in tickets, whereas before, emails and tickets were rarely, if ever, getting created.” – Daniel P., Lead Pipeline Designer/GIS Specialist at a consultancy with 1,000+ employees.

“We have been able to quantify improvements in escalation and time to resolution. It has decreased timeframes and improved resolution by 35 – 40 percent. We used to have one individual handling a call, along with other duties. So at times, they would have to step away from those other duties to handle the call or reach out to someone else. This solution has allowed them to be on the call for questions, while still being able to escalate outward.”- Senior Manager, at a hospitality company.

Reliable Customer Support

An additional factor that comes up in Everbridge’s user reviews is how easy and reliable the customer service and their willingness to hear feedback from others:

“They continue to develop, and they’re very good at taking feedback from their customers and figuring out how, or if, to include that feedback in future releases. And their release cycles have gotten faster. When we first signed up with them, they were probably doing two a year, and now I think they’re closer to four a year. And some of what we fed into them is already making its appearance in their code base.” – Chris G., Global IT Strategy & Governance at a pharma/biotech company with 10,000+ employees.

“My biggest compliment is we have great account management people that help us out. We have been able to turn the tool over to IT people that have never used it, and they have been able to run it with minimal help or support. We still work with our implementation manager, who has been extremely effective, very consistent, and spot on. I have opened up about 10 tickets with approximately seven of them being very positive with quick turnaround, the support being knowledgeable, and knowing the answer.” – Director at a financial services firm with 1,000+ employees.

Time Saver

Everbridge’s incredible time saving feature is another popular theme that has been consistently talked about on IT Central Station’s platform:

“We have been able to use it to track and verify that people are on the bridge. It has also made it much easier when you have one touch to join the bridge, and we have been tracking our resolution time, which is now shorter. This is partly because of Everbridge and it being easier to get people on the phone. Also, we are able to escalate and track resources throughout the incident process.”- Director Of Operation Risk Management.

“We have been somewhat able to quantify the benefits. Users like the ease of use via the mobile app. Also, the simplicity of the on-call process is encouraging stakeholders to use the product rather than to try to call someone directly.” – Senior Systems Administrator at a pharma/biotech company with 5,000+ employees.

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About the author:

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Zisse is the Marketing Operations Specialist for IT Central Station. With a degree in Communications and Graphic Design she applies her passion of creativity and organizational skills to connecting enterprise technology professionals with IT Central Station’s most helpful user reviews.


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