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IT Response Automation

Automate Communication, Collaboration, and Orchestration for Faster Incident Resolution and Service Delivery

ASSESS Critical IT Events, Context and Severity

Ingest alerts and critical events from your IT stack (e.g. ITSM, ITOM, APM, SIEM) into our rules-based engine for operational event assessment

  • Standardize the assessment process for all critical IT events (IT ops, security, DevOps)

  • Trigger response processes based on event severity and urgency

LOCATE Required Responders and Stakeholders

Assure someone responds to a critical event regardless of time of day, device, or system affected.

  • Identify the right teams and personnel based on who’s on-call, location, and skill(s) needed

  • Balance workloads among teams and responders for maximum efficiency and fastest response time

  • See who’s most/least likely to respond based on past response and acknowledgement history

ACT and engage the Response Team(s) and Communicate with impacted End-Users and Stakeholders

Enable incident messages to be sent across multiple communication paths and devices including to a chat channel (e.g. Slack)

  • Ensure message recipients receive messages regardless of location, time of day, or device(s) used with multi-modal alerts

  • Provide contextual incident information to respondents directly within the alert and on chat channel(s)

  • Allow recipients to acknowledge and respond to messages with two way communications, acknowledgement, and notification polling

  • Enable one-click access to war room calls with pin-less / one-click conferencing

ANALYZE IT Response, Trends, and Performance for Continuous Improvement

Smart Analytics: Interactive Dashboards

Proactive and interactive dashboards for real-time monitoring, governance, and adherence of business processes to organizational SLAs, and SLMs.

  • Establish organizational, group, and individual benchmarks

  • Track response performance and automation by modality, business process, and applications

  • Gain an top-level view of trends and performance for continual improvement and corrective action