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When Things Go Wrong with IT

How Do You

  • Reach out to the right on-call IT experts?

  • Inform your senior management and stakeholders of what’s going on?

  • Notify your impacted customers that the situation in under control?

  • All, in an effective, consistent and timely manner?

How We Help

  • Identify the right people to receive an alert

  • Notify stakeholders via text, voice, text to voice, mobile app notifications

  • Confirm that the right people received the message

  • Allow the on-call IT personnel to collaborate for incident resolution

  • Keep track of sent and received notifications

ServiceNow and Everbridge IT Alerting

  • Self-manage your own schedule and availability from your smartphone

  • Keep stakeholders and customers informed while IT is fixing the issue

  • Assign the ServiceNow incident to the first responder

  • Get a detailed report of the incident notifications and responses

  • Trigger communications and track responses directly from ServiceNow and reach out via mobile app push notification, SMS text, voice, email and many more

  • On-call personnel can launch “war room” and service restoration conference calls in 1 click

  • Manage group calendars, shifts and rotations in one place and synchronize your ServiceNow contacts and groups with Everbridge IT Alerting

  • Instantly identify the right on-call personnel and automatically escalate to the next functional and/or hierarchical person in the list


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