How Much Can Automating IT Response Save You?

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On Average, Organizations Can Save $190,564 or More per Unplanned Outage by Automating the Response Process



A major manufacturing company removed manual call trees and automated alerting to the right specialist at the right time reducing their mean time to repair and saving ≈ $1.75 million per year.

online consumer

An issue at the largest online consumer auction service costs $100 per second. Every minute they can reduce the time it takes for the team to collaborate and triage the issue saves $1,000.


A major telecommunications provider saved an average of 30 minutes per incident by automating outreach to staff.


A large financial services group increased customer satisfaction and retention while decreasing inbound call center call volume saving ≈$2 million per year.


A large global financial institution consolidating 10 different notification services saved over $1 million per year.


A top US insurance provider replaced pagers and added automated outreach via SMS, voice and push notifications savings $20,000 a year.


A major manufacturing company’s move to cloud-based IT alerting solution was able to re-allocate the 5 FTEs that were supporting the on-premises notification system and telco services saving over $400,000 a year.


A leading US hosting company was concerned about the burden of too many alerts being sent to their specialists (e.g. DBA, Middleware, App server).


Automating outreach to the right on-call person at the right time resulted in less job fatigue and lower turnover for key specialists.