Ransomware Protection is a Must; But Don’t Forget Ransomware Response Plan!

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, see  by yourself:

Whatever the nature of the cyber-attack, once the EMR/EHR becomes unavailable, the consequences for Care Providers are dreadful, and hackers know that too well.

Patient satisfaction is crucial to Hospitals and large care providers. Bad reviews and bad patient satisfaction scores mean financial penalties inflicted from the Insurance and plan providers. Hospitals are becoming an easy target for cyber criminals. See 3 recent examples of cyber-attacks and their impact on the clinicians and on the overall care providers operations.

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What’s the problem when the electronic health record system has a hiccup ?

Very quickly the clinicians, staff and patient will get frustrated. This will create bottlenecks and delays in procedures and patient and procedures will need to be rescheduled. No or limited access to patient history file and other medical information, plus handwritten processes generate medication prescription errors. Very quickly, patient safety can be at risk as well as the overall Hospital quality level of care. I’m not even mentioning  drop off of the hospital bed turnover rate, impact on billing, and the most likely bad publicity in the local press…

Under these circumstances,  when every minute counts it’s critical that the IT Department:

  • Quickly connects the right on-call IT personnel including the EMR vendor(Cerner, Epic…) with the right information so they can start investigating issues faster and reduce the resolution time
  • Quickly contact the Business continuity team so they can take proactive and corrective actions like kicking-off contingency plans
  • Quickly notify the clinicians and staff that there are issue with the EMR system and that contingency plan was triggered so they know they need to fall back to using handwritten orders and notes

Everbridge  IT Alerting helps Hospitals and Care providers manage and automate their response to critical IT events in order to mitigate their impact on clinicians and patient satisfaction. 

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