Engage Your IT Response Team in 5 Minutes or Less

Improve incident communications, improve incident response

Key Features of Everbridge IT Alerting

Communication Templates For Error-Proof Messages


When every minute counts, easy-to-use configurable templates ensure message accuracy, integrity and human error-proof communications.

On-Call Schedules


Does your IT team still use a manual process to identify who is on-call? IT Alerting helps you track who is on-call on each team, and alert the right people based on the type of incident, time of day, skill set required and location.

Multi Modal Alerting


Even when connectivity is weak or unavailable, the cloud communication platform will broadcast messages to virtually any communication device with support for multiple sequenced contact paths including voice, SMS, push notification app, email, pager, landline and more.

Automatic Escalation
of Alerts


Ensure that someone is always aware. If the person notified does not respond, the alert is sent to the next person in line.

Team Collaboration


Immediately collaborate with team members on a conference call with ‘1-click’ conferencing capability.

Auditing Capabilities


Does your IT team currently lack notification records? IT Alerting helps you quickly access audit trails of who was contacted, via which path, as well as who responded to the incident and how long it took.

2-Way Integrations


Plug our SaaS IT Alerting solution directly into your instance of ServiceNow or BMC Remedy to automatically contact the on-call IT team members, launch conference bridges and automatically escalate to the senior personnel in case of Major IT incidents.