It’s Not About “IF” but “WHEN”… How Prepared is Your Organization?

This is a no-brainer, IT “issues” are so common they occur all the time. Some are more predictable than others but in general you don’t have a clue whatsoever when these things happen. How about?

  • The next DDoS attack to hit you and take your web properties down
  • A ransomware cyberattack blocking access to your most secure proprietary and confidential information
  • A CDN issue causes your website to slowdown so badly that customers are leaving
  • ISP hiccup or network outage make your application unavailable
  • A major incident causes partial or total outage of your EMR, EHR or ERP systems leaving hundreds or thousands employees clueless
  • A new application build hits production and breaks down something else
  • A problem with your datacenter cooling system or even worst a power outage

You get the idea… and we generally think we’re all fully prepared… but the odds are against us!

And This is Just the Beginning of the Story
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You resolve incidents.
Leave the communication workflows to us.

In the event of an IT issue, IT Alerting quickly connects the right on-call personnel with the right information using phone, email, SMS and mobile app alerts. Rules based automation, dynamic on-call scheduling and automatic escalation ensures that someone will respond and take ownership of the incident, regardless of time, day, location or device.

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