ServiceNow Integration Guide 2019-05-21T11:33:10-04:00

ServiceNow Integration Guide

ServiceNow license needed: any ServiceNow license

Everbridge license needed: active annual subscription of IT Alerting Standard or IT Alerting Enterprise

ServiceNow version supported: Supported versions

Everbridge version supported: as a SaaS offering, the latest version is always available


  • ServiceNow User Account configured as integration user
  • Everbridge User Account with API Privileges


Installation of the extra ServiceNow – Everbridge connector is easy from :

Self-service configuration of the integration is easy for an end user. Put a webhook, such as  https:///x_everb_ebim/ , in the response profile of an Everbridge Incident Template. 

Inbound interaction:

User can control the conditions under which ServiceNow automatically triggers incident creation in Everbridge:

Outbound interaction:

Without leaving the ServiceNow user interface, you can see Everbridge details about users that were notified and that responded.

        Everbridge incident and delivery details are available in ServiceNow

Synch groups and contacts between ServiceNow and Everbridge:



  • In Everbridge, create an Incident Template configured with ServiceNow fields
  • In ServiceNow, create an Incident Condition targeting that Everbridge Incident Template.
  • ServiceNow automatically triggers incident creation in Everbridge
  • Everbridge notifies contacts, to resolve the issue, and then closes the loop with ServiceNow