Jira Service Desk Integration Guide 2018-04-10T09:44:13-04:00

Jira Service Desk Integration Guide

Jira license needed: any Jira license

Everbridge license needed: active annual subscription of IT Alerting Standard or IT Alerting Enterprise

Jira version supported:

Jira Service Desk

  • Cloud
  • On-premises 0.1

Jira Software

  • Cloud
  • On-premises 6.4.9
  • On-premises 7.0.0

Everbridge version supported: as a SaaS offering, the latest version is always available


  • Jira user account must be a member of the jira-administrators and jira-developer groups
  • Everbridge user account with API Privileges
  • An API key is needed, but that will be generated when you perform the procedures in the iPaaS Configuration section of the Everbridge user guide under Documentation at https://manager.everbridge.net/login


Installation of extra software, beyond Everbridge and Jira, is not needed.

Self-service configuration of Jira integration, by an end user, is easy from the Settings -> Everbridge Open -> iPaaS  tab of the Everbridge SaaS application. Click “New Agent”:

Inbound interaction:

User can control the conditions under which Jira automatically triggers incident creation in Everbridge:

Without coding, end user can drag-and-drop to build a workflow that orchestrates how Everbridge reacts to updates in Jira:


Outbound interaction:

Everbridge incident and notification delivery details are available in Jira:


  • In Everbridge, create an Incident Template configured with Jira fields
  • In Jira, create an Issue that matches the condition configured in Everbridge Incident Template.
  • Jira automatically triggers incident creation in Everbridge
  • Everbridge notifies contacts, to resolve the issue, and then closes the loop with Jira


  • Under Help & Support -> Everbridge Support Center, download the IT Alerting User Guide, and read the following section: