Everbridge to present at HDI 2017 in Washington, DC

This year again, Everbridge will be attending the Annual HDI 2017, this year in Washington, DC. It is a great opportunity for you to meet with your peers and with solution vendors like Everbridge which can make your work-life balance easier by providing you with the solutions you’ve been looking for so long.

Why attend the conference?

Because every member of a support center plays a vital role in not only their team, but their entire organization. Every member also has a unique set of roadblocks and challenges. So what do you need to know to succeed as a manager? An analyst? A C-level? HDI 2017 has every tech support professional covered.

  • Executives who need to improve company productivity and bottom-line performance.
  • Managers and directors who want to take their team, service, and career to the next level.
  • Any leaders who are new to the world of technical support management.
  • Any tech support professionals who want to be the NEW face of IT!

What Will You Gain at HDI 2017?

  • Get the latest trends, technologies, and solutions to meet the increasing demands of the tech support industry.
  • Network and discover indispensable techniques from best-in-class organizations who’ve been there, done that.
  • Apply the latest developments in desktop support, customer experience management, service desk, metrics, and other industry hot topics to your own tech support initiatives.
  • Expand your peer network and make valuable new industry contacts.

Learn about IT Response Automation in the following session: “Lack of Incident Response Automation Costs Businesses a Fortune!”

Incident management is one of the primary processes of a support center. A recent survey shows that while most CIOs are developing strategies to minimize the impact of major incidents on the business,  the majority of IT Support Organizations have not yet automated the hand-over process between Service Desk and the IT responders when something goes wrong with IT. This is causing miscommunication, tension, frustration, unnecessary waste of time, resources and money.

I will walk you through some of the findings of the survey. I’ll explain why cross-team hand-over is hard to put in place and what you can do about it.

See you there,


For more information about the conference visit http://www.hdiconference.com/

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You resolve incidents.
Leave the communication workflows to us.

In the event of an IT issue, IT Alerting quickly connects the right on-call personnel with the right information using phone, email, SMS and mobile app alerts. Rules based automation, dynamic on-call scheduling and automatic escalation ensures that someone will respond and take ownership of the incident, regardless of time, day, location or device.

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