Everbridge IT Alerting Summer Release is Live!

We’re very excited to announce the availability of the latest seasonal release of Everbridge Enterprise SaaS Platform which helps organizations automate their response management process when critical events occur. The benefits? Resolve critical IT incidents faster and in a consistent fashion each time, to reduce the negative impact on the IT teams and on the business users.

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For corporations of all sizes, the Everbridge Summer 2017 Release improves the way that your organization communicates, collaborates and orchestrates processes when things go wrong with IT.

The Summer Release brings:

 This release of the Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform brings major enhancements around on-call scheduling to help IT organizations automate their response processes. Automating the communication, collaboration and orchestration involved in Service Ops, Security Ops, DevOps and IT BC-DR responses, contributes to resolving incidents faster.

On-Call Scheduling

On-call scheduling automatically allows organizations to determine which member(s) of a team(s)/group(s) is/are available to perform an action or to respond to an IT event. In case of a major IT incident, finding and contacting the right person(s) to engage can be time-consuming. This module provides shift management, on-call position rotation and automated escalation so you:

  • Can publish the on-call schedules for each group, per day, per week, per month
  • Know who the primary contact is for any given group, at any given time
  • Know who the alert will escalate to, in case of no response from the primary contact?

The new release brings:

  • Easy and automatic notification to the on-call members of a team/group, to individuals and any combination

No need to create incident rules any longer to link groups and calendars. When this option is selected, notifications will automatically be sent to the on-call staff, for any given group and any given time. This gives a way to easily manage shared resources on the same calendar.

  • Group Notification in case no-one is on call

The system will automatically notify the group members if the associated shift happens not to be staffed, so staff never miss an alert.

  • New Fail safe mechanism provides Intelligent routing in case of empty shifts

This option endures that each shift contains at least one team member. If a shift has only team member, he/she won’t be allowed to set him/herself unavailable without specifying a backup contact.

What you’ll be able to do:

  • Link a group with its active on-call calendar to automatically notify all contacts on the shift or all the contacts in the group.
  • Search for groups to include in notifications using new group description field.
  • Configure group-calendar links at each escalation level.
  • Select/clear the check box to enable the Group Calendar Workflow on the fly at the notification.
  • Download a listing of group descriptions and linked calendars using the new Group Summary Quick Report.
  • Launch a template containing a group-calendar link via the REST API and select this option in ManageBridge notification workflow.

 Usability Enhancements:

  • New Group description field makes it easy to search

Groups have now a description field that is searchable.

  •  Extended value length for Incident template variables

You can now use a value of up to 260 characters for the Textbox information variable, use a longer variable value in the notifications launched via REST API and use longer value for existing variable in current templates without requiring any additional steps. No need to create an incident rule any longer to make up for the previously limited field length!

As usual, please share your feedback with us and let us know how we can  make Everbridge’s Operational Response Automation (aka IT Alerting) even better!


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In the event of an IT issue, IT Alerting quickly connects the right on-call personnel with the right information using phone, email, SMS and mobile app alerts. Rules based automation, dynamic on-call scheduling and automatic escalation ensures that someone will respond and take ownership of the incident, regardless of time, day, location or device.

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