Everbridge IT Alerting Fall Release is Live!

The new IT Alerting application which helps enterprises and organizations respond to Operational Critical Events and expedite the resolution process, even faster! Minimize Business Impact and Reduce Time To Market.

So What’s New for IT Departments in the Fall Release?

This new release of the Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform brings lots of exciting enhancements around collaboration and analytics so that IT organizations can automate their response processes and improve their response teams’ performance. Automating the communication, collaboration and orchestration involved in Service Ops, Security Ops, DevOps and IT BC-DR responses, contributes to resolving incidents faster and delivering releases faster.

 NEW! Introducing Smart Analytics


The Interactive dashboard gives visibility and insights into Incident Response across all areas of IT: Service Operations, Security Operations, DevOps and IT BC/DR.  The dashboards are also available to be used in the Global Operations Centers and the NOCs/SOCs. Smart Analytics provides Incident Response Trending which is available by group, time or type to help continuously improve processes and assist managers with resource planning and optimizing response times and SLAs. With interactive response timeline monitoring, and early warnings, businesses can proactively ensure adherence to the organizational Service Level Objectives.


Why does it matter?

  • At one glance, get a high level status of Incident Response by business process. By default, Service Operations, Security Operations, DevOps and IT BC/DR, which can be configured to align with any organization.
  • See upfront areas of concerns, response window violations, lack of acknowledgement and other performance related metrics to provide a good sense of what’s going on. 
  • IT managers can now gain insights into how each team and individual respond to notifications to help improve their teams’ responsiveness.


NEW! Now integrates with Slack to create a cross-functional virtual war room   

During a restoration call, cross-functional teams can collaborate on a given incident in real-time for best efficiency, using the collaboration hub: from pin-less instant conference bridges to team collaboration platforms such as Slack. The solution also offers the storage and retrieval of an audit trail to enable knowledge sharing and after-action report used for post-mortem and continuous improvement.

Why does it matter?

  • Sometimes a Conference bridge is not enough and participants feel like they would collaborate more effectively via chat.
  • Some industries such as financial services are highly regulated and calls and chats have to be recorded and stored for compliance in case of Major Incidents. Audit-trails including recording allow proper, fact-based post-mortem discussions and course correction of actions to improve efficiency. 

NEW! Introducing the Everbridge Integration Platform As a Service (iPaaS)

The Universal API Connector easily integrates your IT Monitoring tools with Everbridge to launch, update, and close Everbridge incidents via Webhook or API. It is easy to use and allows for integration with any IT Operations Management tool including APM, AA-NPM, NPM, UEM, DevOps tools, SIEM tools, IT monitoring, event correlation, Ticketing systems, ITSM systems.

Why does it matter?

  • DevOps, product or functional teams sometimes like to be notified directly from the monitoring tools they use and rather not wait until a ticket is logged into the ITSM system. These ITOM tools usually only offer basic email notification capabilities most often used in blasts to entire teams. This is proven to increase noise because they don’t take into account the type of event, the severity, the location, the skillset, who’s on call…  This gives each team the ability to easily receive intelligent and targeted notifications when alert thresholds are reached. 

The magic of Saas lets you log into everbridge today and discover what’s new !!!


Need More Information?

  • Everbridge’s Operational Response Automation solution, aka IT Alerting, visit italerting.com
  • NEW IT Alerting datasheet is available here
  • All the new capabilities and enhancements of the Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform full release notes available here





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