Avoiding Data Center Disasters: Risk Assessment Scorecard

Data centers are mission critical sites with complex components that are susceptible to a wide range of risks and hazards. When a data center outage occurs at another organization it is a “lesson learned.” When it happens to you – it is a DISASTER.
data-centre-fire-hero According to a BCS, Inc. survey, the average cost of a data center outage has steadily increased year-over-year…
  • $505,502 in 2010
  • $690,204 in 2013
  • $740,357 in 2016

A single, unplanned outage can not only cost organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars, but can lead to lossess in the areas of labor, productivity, customer loyalty, and service. UPS failures, cybercrime, human error, design, power quality, the environment, and equiptment failure are just some of the many causes of unplanned data center outages. Understanding data center risks and vulnerabilities specific to your environment is key to preparing for potential problems down the line.
Jim Nelson, president of BCS, Inc., recently joined Everbridge to present Avoiding Data Center Disasters: How to Address IT Service Continuity Risk Factors. During the webinar, Jim gave us practical tips and ideas to avoid data center disasters, exploring some of the top issues, concerns and risks associated with data centers and IT service continuity. If you missed the live event, you can also watch it on-demand here. In addition to the webinar, Jim and BCS, Inc. also developed the attached risk assessment scorecard (see below) that you can download and use to rate your current environment, procedures, and processes. Although not a subsitute for a full comprehensive risk assessment, it should give you a glimpse into how prepared you are against top data center risks.

So… How Does Your Data Center Stack Up?

Download the Risk Assessment Scorecard and let us know in the comments.

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