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BMC Remedy Service Management is used to manage IT incidents. Once an IT issue is detected, a ticket is usually created within BMC Remedy. The system enables operators to enter all the relevant information which will be needed to help IT understand what is going on. Information include the area, the application at fault, the CI, the requester or caller, the urgency, the impact, the priority to help categorize, triage and prioritize the incidents IT will have to work on.

In case of a major incident, when both the urgency and the priority are high, the impact on the company’s operations and the business is reaching its highest point. Under these circumstances,  companies frequently report revenue loss, employee productivity drop off, patient and customer frustration leading sometimes to customer loyalty and retention drop offs.

Companies have no choice but to restore these services as quickly as possible to minimize the losses.

Therefore, it is critical that IT be prepared to react fast, in order to assess the situation, stabilize the operations and recover from the outage. In the middle of a crisis there’s no time for guesswork and it is important that communication  be automated and prepared in advance, so there is no unnecessary waste of time.

Use BMC Remedy to create, identify, categorize and prioritize the incident… But now what?




While the incident is open, every minute that goes by means $8,900 cost to the organization says the latest Ponemon Institue report.

From a communication standpoint, IT must ensure that the right on-call responders are being contacted as soon as possible, at any time and anywhere they might be based on who’s on-call. They are the members of the different support teams for network, databases, middleware, mainframe, E.R.P, E.H.R, and any third party vendors who should be involved in the restoration.  Multi-modality and sequential automated targeted notifications should be used to ensure proper message delivery. Now, if fr any reason, the first responders don’t respond, automated escalation should kick in, and the next person in line will automatically be contacted. To eliminate unnecessary noise and waste of time, the notification process should be when coupled with 1-click access to a technical conference bridge, so that the entire response team can get on the same bridge within a few minutes.

This is what BMC Remedy + Everbridge IT Alerting offers!


Everbridge cloud-based IT Alerting solution allows the direct integration with BMC Remedy in order to automatically trigger notifications to the right on-call IT experts. Its advanced intelligent notification engine will:

  • Automatically identify the right IT support people based on their on-call schedule, shift and availability  
  • Only notify those who should and not send mass email to entire teams be. This will reduce alert fatigue
  • Reach out via several modalities (SMS, text to voice, mobile app notifications) where ever they might be (same location, different countries, different time zones)
  • Automatically escalate to the next person until someone acknowledges
  • Send consistent notifications based on communication templates with conditional workflow for human error-free notifications
  • Allow IT experts to collaborate with 1-click conference bridge access
  • Send progress updates to your IT team, the business stakeholders and the impacted customers while IT is resolving the problem.



For more information:

  • Announcement of the certification in the Press:


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  • On Everbridge website:


Any questions, feel free to contact the IT Alerting at everbridge.

or on Twitter: @Vgeffray




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In the event of an IT issue, IT Alerting quickly connects the right on-call personnel with the right information using phone, email, SMS and mobile app alerts. Rules based automation, dynamic on-call scheduling and automatic escalation ensures that someone will respond and take ownership of the incident, regardless of time, day, location or device.

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