IT Alerting As a Service: the Fall Release is now available !

The Product team is proud to announce the new release of Everbridge IT Alerting to all. It went live yesterday, on November 30, 2016 and because it is fully Saas, it is already available in your account. This release includes a combination of brand new capabilities and enhancements which I’ll highlight here.

Before I get into the details, I just want to remind everyone of the very reason why one IT organization would implement an IT Alerting solution in the first place. We do so in order to:

  • Resolve Major IT Incidents faster and potentially save hundreds of thousands of US dollars per incident
  • Engage our IT Response teams in 5 minutes or less and increase team efficiency and performance
  • Reduce alert fatigue and volumes of inbound calls into the service desk

What’s the Everbridge approach to do that?


Assess the situation: How critical is the IT incident (urgency, impact, severity, priority?)

Locate who should be responding to the incident (what team, who on the team, based on geo, skills, and who’s on call…)

Automate the targeted notifications so messages are consistent, reliable, and error-free

Communicate with the right staff, via several communication paths to ensure they receive the message, automatically escalate if they don’t respond. Provide collaboration tools so they can start resolving the incident. Inform stakeholders and notify impacted customers.

Ok, so what’s new and so exciting about the Fall Release?

With this new release, we’re raising the bar even higher and will deliver another set of key capabilities and enhancements which will make our customer’s life easier.

One of the key capabilities we want to highlight is Smart Conference which:

  • Is a brand new module available to all existing and new ITA customers with full ITA licenses (ITA Resolvers)
  • Provides secure access to conference bridges as only registered participants can join
  • Accommodates up to 250 participants on the same bridge!
  • Provides 1-click access. No need to send lengthy emails with instructions on how to join the call
  • Connects instantly in one click from a SMS or by pressing 1
  • Tells you who’s joined, who’s left and when
  • Lets you mute attendees, remove attendees
  • Provides full audit so you can verify whether attendees joined the call within their SLAs


The IT Alerting Fall Release features a NEW publishing option, the Audio Bulletin Board which lets:

  • Customers post audio messages that people can retrieve at their convenience
  • People access the message using a Everbridge-provided phone number.


When companies are being attacked by cyber-criminals, should that be a DDoS attack or a ransomware,  and their internal communication networks are at risk of being compromised, they can rely on Everbridge Off-net Secure Communication app to communicate with their peers and management. It is an ideal solution for DevOps teams. The solution provides:

  • Encrypted group chat
  • Secure Video and voice
  • Sending files

Off-Net secure communications (secure messaging) is an add-on to IT Alerting.

IT Alerting Fall Release delivers even more value to IT departments including:

  • On-call Schedule enhancements including teams on-call calendar sharing capabilities and new APIs
  • Additional International Short SMS Codes for broader support, now 37 and counting
  • 2-way integrations with HP Service Manager and support for ServiceNow Fuji, Geneva and Helsinki
  • New ServiceNow connector to send targeted notifications based on who’s on call in ServiceNow

Stay tuned for additional release updates and join our customer briefing webinar on December 15th  at 11 am EST.



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